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S3TC Tutorial

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 20 Jan 2012, 19:52

S3TC Tutorial - Postby ProtoType » 18 Apr 2013, 01:08

hi this is a easy tutorial for using s3tc which can be used in multiplayer

download the new vision sdk by daveW

what s3tc does is combine a high res image with a low res image which result in having high res quality in a low res texture format

s3tc allows you to step over the 256x256 dimensions that were maxed in deusex so you could make 512x512 1024x1024 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 or even highter as long as its the power of 2 which allows you to make very detailed textures

download and extract this in s3tcmake map


it would be handy to also make a textures map and in there high and low so you can find them easy when your going to import them in a utx

create a texture in the disired size like making it 1024x1024 save it as a bmp file in your textures map if you did above you place it inside the high map
resize the texture to 256x256 make it index then save as pcx and put it into the low folder

so you can see the high res gets saved as a bmp and the low res as a pcx

note i use photoshop

now open unrealed go to textures then import the big texture then save under a name like s3tctex in the high map located in s3tcmake afther you extracted the s3tcmake.rar files in your s3tcmake map

now import the smaller texture into the same package save it as the same name that the high package has in the low map in s3tcmake map

note the package and the texture needs the same name with high and low

now run 1.bat and see how the magic is done

you wil still view them in low res in unrealed but ingame they look like high res unless you dident put s3tc=true offcourse

enjoy and i wish people wil use this for future mods and maps

Update : replaced 4shared link with zippyshare link so you dont have to login to download it sorry for that part

i dont know about you guys but this should become a sticky XD

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