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Summer 2017 DXMP Games


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 11 Apr 2012, 23:06
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Re: Summer 2017 DXMP Games - Postby anax » 05 Mar 2018, 00:55

<-(DD)->Darko wrote:synthetic + psycho, to waste words on you 2 is waste of energy, so will let it there.

- Played with him, epic player, aware of his skills, win or lose never had problems with him. Great programmer, great person, great gamer. Dont know who says what about him, hes great person, always was great in conversation and game with me.

In short to those who dont know me, as rookie I was annoying as all of us did sometimes, but most people confuse my skills with fake Darko's (some were strong some weak, but whoever was i beaten them many times in front of all) and people confuse my behavior with insults of people who impersonated me.
Most of you are actually not capable to understand how good i was or how I dont insult. I had problems only with abusers, and based on abuse proofs I was right about some people and not delusional as many smiled on me.

There is big ammount of great players that never had problems with me cause they knew me. Ask Karky, Poor, Die Unknown, Patrick, B-Dawg, LoX, Cozmo, VoiD, Bam, Duke, EdH or ZxC clan if they remember ever me to drama with them 1:1 or in team or to insult them. You will see interesting different things than what most of you believe about me.

Fear, will do my best, have broken finger, so I am at least 45 days out of serious gaming or fast typping. Mostly i just come in games and watch others, cause either I can walk or shoot on place, not both, soooo..... Only fun for me.

Darko my friend, why are you even replying to things in this thread, did your augs malfunction?
Edit: actually read thru your post, I do hope your finger gets better so you can show me the best of Croatian dxmp once more :D

AKA Knifeworld on Discord etc. Frozen brains tell no tales!
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Re: Summer 2017 DXMP Games - Postby <-(DD)->Darko » 12 Mar 2018, 10:40

Sadly to say after I saw what doctors in city did to my hand I fear if my bone will grow right way at all. This week will see what my doctor and nurse managed to save, I hope will be better, God knows I do feel better. Will I ever be so good as in 2012, dont know, skilled yes, so insane not sure, luckly is left hand, but right got some hit too, so will see.

I would say that I can return on good way, not sure about more than that. But, ty.

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