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Why does Bob Page acts like this

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 20 Aug 2006, 18:39

Why does Bob Page acts like this - Postby Tidus » 31 Oct 2017, 08:19

So watching a YouTube video i remembered messing around alot back in the day with cheats, spawning NPC´s and all the nonsense you can do with them.

However if you spawn Bob Page ANYWHERE in the game, he will talk to you like you are standing beside him in area 51 in his protected field. Why is that?

No other NPC behaves like this and when a NPC does not have a dialouge scripted to him for the mission or map he is in, he will be silence and ignore your attempt to talk to him.

There is probably a very simple logic behind this but this one thing is boggling my mind since i found that out way back then.

Is it because Bob Page doesnt have the smalltalk every other NPC usually has programmed into him and he immediately starts talking serious like in Area 51 or like Bob Page behaves completly different because he has such little actual dialouge that the dev´s didnt bother giving him seperate and swapable dialouge files/lines (Dont know how programing really works but i think you get it) so he jumps right into his usual "you are too late" stuff?

i would LOVE to know!

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 04 Jun 2008, 12:21

Re: Why does Bob Page acts like this - Postby ~[FGS]SaSQuATcH~ » 31 Oct 2017, 18:39

Sounds like small talk wasnt scripted into his character, at least I dont remember the single player featuring any such scenes in the game

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 30 Nov 2011, 03:21

Re: Why does Bob Page acts like this - Postby TheWolf » 04 Jan 2018, 11:26

Also if you kill bob page in the HK MJ12 lab he won't appear in Vandenberg when you press the button to receive his message. I learned this the hard way on ps2. Spent time aiming at the little crack in between the window and the wall and shooting page because I had no cheats on ps2. Had to replay the entire game because I didn't have a save file right before that.

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 29 Jun 2008, 13:18

Re: Why does Bob Page acts like this - Postby ~DJ~ » 22 Apr 2018, 14:35

such a well constructed lie

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