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Automatic DX Masterserver Patcher


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 16 Dec 2013, 17:29
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Automatic DX Masterserver Patcher - Postby machete » 02 Aug 2018, 00:51

As we hopefully all know, the original masterservers that DX relied on for multiplayer all died several years ago and now we must use a replacement kindly hosted for us by 333Networks and proxied by Alex at In order to play DX multiplayer nowadays, you have to change the masterserver configuration of your DX directory/install. Changing the masterserver config is pretty trivial but Alex and I both provide tools to automate the process.

My fully open source patcher (dxmsfix) is a more recent improvement on his. Mine automatically searches for a DX directory using a pretty complete list of possible directories (Steam, GOG etc.), doesn't care whether you select the DX root directory or the System directory, is fully compatible with Kentie's by modifying any config files found in My Documents and tells you when your settings are already up-to-date.


We're advising newcomers to the DXMP Discord to use dxmsfix to make the process of getting access to multiplayer completely foolproof. Maybe it'll be helpful to some people here. I'm posting it just in case. :)

Download link (hosted by Kai):


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